Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another site to look at

Here is another site to look at to give you more information on St. Lawrence. This is based in Savoonga.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brianne, great blog! I was wondering whether there might be some way I can email you to ask a few questions about life on St Lawrence? Thanks, Matt, UK

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
you can reach me via email:


This is a picture of a family in Gambell, Alaska. It was taken by Philip Reed between 1921 and 1928. Gambell is located on St. Lawrence Island, along with Savoonga. St. Lawrence Island is between Alaska and Russia, only a lot closer to Russia. The Siberian Yupik culture migrated to St. Lawrence Island from Russia. Some villages from Russia that share the same culture and language are Providenya and Chukotka.
At the time of this picture, Philip Reed was in the Illinois National Guard and was posted around Alaska. Some places were Noorvik, Iditarod, and Seward. He married his wife, Retta Reed, while in Noorvik. They traveled around Alaska while Philip was stationed and while Retta helped out as a nurse. This picture was taken while Philip was finishing his military service as an operator in charge, an officer, and a radio operator.
The Siberian Yupik culture consists of people in Russia, St. Lawrence Island, and those who have migrated to the mainland of Alaska.